Gekishin Sound Kamehameha

by Bandai
$27.49 USD $34.37 USD


This is a completed toy designed for children.

Bandai presents the ultimate Goku cosplay accessory that will play the hero's voices, sound effects, and also lights up and vibrates when the user assumes the pose and launches one of two signature finisher moves! The device comes as a pair of velcro-strapped wrist bands with the main device attached to the right wristband and a "switch" device on the left.

To start Kamehameha mode, place both wrists with the wristbands attached in parallel and both devices facing each other to play sound effects and vibration. Goku's "Kamehameha!" phrase will play and LED will light up when assuming the movements and launching the signature chi energy blast.

Press the right "Chou" button to initiate Kaiou-ken mode and change into Super Saiyan mode, then press the left "Hitsu" button to initiate Genki Dama mode. Next, raise up both hands and throw them down to launch Genki Dama.

You no longer need to supply your own voice and create sound effects when this fun role-playing device can provide authentic character voice and sound effects for you while you assume the finisher moves! An absolute must-have for fans of the series! Two test AAA batteries required, not included.


Code: BAN956979
Release Date: Mar 2009
Item Size/Weight: 19.0cm x 17.5cm x 5.5cm / 160g
Manufacturer: Bandai