IJN/IJA Aircraft Photo Album

by Kojinsha
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This is a Japanese-language book or magazine about aircraft and/or aircraft modeling. Some Japanese aircraft books, such as the <em>Aero Detail</em> series contain complete English text as well. See the product description below for details.

This book contains all the aircraft of the IJN and IJA: fighters, reconnaissance planes, bombers, trainers, cargo planes and even experimental planes.

Most of the pictures have been previously published, and are not particularly significant, but photos of the X-planes, such as the photos of the mockup Kawanishi J6K "Jinpu" are must-have pictures for those who are lookingfor any piece of info they can find regarding Japanese X-planes.

The fact that all IJA and IJN airplanes are in this one book will makethis book a valuable reference for Japanese aircraft enthusiasts.

Technical specifications of all airplanes and drawings by Shigeru Nohara are also included. 319 pages, hard cover.


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Release Date: Dec 2004
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