KitKat Mini Adult Sweetness: Strawberry: 1 bag (12 pcs)

by Nestle
$6.75 USD $6.75 USD


This is a type of chocolate.

Everyone loves KitKat, with the crispy wafer inside and the delicious coating outside! Japan has gained much notice in recent years for the wide variety of KitKats they produce, and you're sure to love this one! "Adult Sweetness" means these are slightly less sweet than your regular KitKats, for those with more mature tastebuds. These are similar to regular KitKats, but the chocolate coating outside is made with deliciously sweet strawberries! These small, easy-to-eat candy bars are each in their own little package; you get a total of 12 of these delightful treats in a bag (each is a single bar, not doubled as is typical with KitKat). Share 'em with your friends!


Code: NSL16147
Release Date: Dec 2017
Item Size/Weight: 24.0cm x 16.0cm x 4.0cm / 140g
Manufacturer: Nestle