Mascot Robo Sergeant Keroro

by Bandai
$31.22 USD $39.03 USD


This is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure.

Everyone's favorite green alien frog finally gets to express himself! This cool Mascot Robo Sergeant Keroro toy will speak one of over 120 of his signature phrases and change expressions with one of six different sets of eyes each time you press the star button on his belly. Become Keroro's friend through communication by constantly pressing the star button, and he will show happy expressions and say happy phrases. If left alone, Keroro will become your enemy and say evil things, like talk about invading Earth! If you set the time, date, and your birthday by pressing the buttons located on his palms, he'll speak phrases according to the time and occasion, such as greeting you in the morning, welcoming you back home, and offering seasonal greetings such as Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! A great desktop companion! Mascot Robo Sergeant Keroro is about 18cm tall and requires two triple A batteries (not included).


Code: BAN946740
Release Date: Nov 2006
Item Size/Weight: 22.5cm x 19.5cm x 16.5cm / 550g
Manufacturer: Bandai