Misoka Sailor Moon 5 Sailor Soldiers Toothbrush Set

by Bandai
$37.20 USD $46.50 USD


This is a toothbrush or other dental care product.

Bandai keeps both your hygiene and style in mind with their "Sailor Moon" toothrbush set! It features one brush for each of the 5 inner sailor scouts: Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus, and even comes with one travel case!

Thanks to Misoka's manufacturing process, each individual toothbrush bristle features a nano mineral coating that cleans your teeth without toothpaste. Just rinse the toothrbush head in water before use, and as you brush, it will form a protective barrier on the enamel of your teeth for a fresh and clean sensation. Order today!


Code: BANN11538
Release Date: Jun 2017
Item Size/Weight: 24.2cm x 18.0cm x 2.7cm / 160g
Manufacturer: Bandai