PlayStation 4: Real Arcade Pro.V HAYABUSA with Headset Terminal

by Hori
$139.50 USD $146.84 USD


This is a controller for a video game console.

Want a top-of-the-line arcade stick, with fast response times, shorter strokes and a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack? Hori has you covered, with its new 2017 Real Arcade Pro.V (RAP) “Hayabusa." This new and improved RAP can be used with both PS3 and PS4 consoles and even PC thanks to its X-Input support with USB connectibility! Moreover, the input response speeds and the lever command input accuracy have been improved. Recently, manufacturers of this generation of units have overlooked headphone support, so you're really going to appreciate the addition of the 3.5mm jack that has now been incorporated.

Functions of the L1, L2, Option (Start) button can be changed and customized. The buttons have also been redesigned and are 1.4mm thinner than conventional buttons with rounder edges. The stroke has also been shortened by 0.3mm, resulting in faster button return speeds. Finally, touch pads can be mounted to the back of the device.

Dimensions (approx.)
Overall length: 43cm
Depth: 24cm
Height (including stick levers): 11.4cm
Weight: 2.2kg
Cable length:3m


Code: HRIPS4-055
Release Date: Mar 2017
Item Size/Weight: 47.0cm x 28.3cm x 14.5cm / 2830g
Manufacturer: Hori