M109A1/A2 Rochev & Doher

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A softcover book by Michael Mass and Adam O'Brien.

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The Rochev and Doher Self-Propelled Guns (SPG) used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are the Israeli versions of the US made M109, M109A1 and M109A2 known artillery pieces. The first M109 arrived to the IDF in the early 70s as a new and modern Self Propelled system, compared to other 155 mm mobile artillery that were in use, as towed guns or installed on the old Serman tank chassis. Many conversions were done by the IDF on M109 derivatives in order to fit them for the doctrine and requirements of the IDF Artillery Corps. The IDF is one of the largest users of the M109 excluding the United States of America.

Although the M109 is a tracked vehicle and has very good maneuvering capabilities, the real use of the vehicle is in a static position, while the battery or squad is firing as a group of guns.

The Rochev and Doher are equipped with a modern GPS based Fire Control System and carry a large array of internal and external improvements. The Rochev and Doher are considered today as the backbone of the IDF Artillery, side by side with the US made MLRS. The Rochev took part in the Yom Kippur war in 1973, the Peace for Galilee operation in 1982, and in all other recent operations against the Hezbollah in Lenanon, and Hamas in the Gaza strip together with the Doher later version.

Internationally acclaimed IDF armor expert, Lt. Col. (res) Michael Mass, along with Editor and graphic designer Adam O'Brien, bring the M109 Rochev and Doher story to life in this latest book. This versatile tracked vehicle is described and photographed by author in many of its recent in action and training roles, together with many walk around detailed pictures.

Desert Eagle Publishing, is honored to bring this series to modelers and armor enthusiasts alike, who will revel in a treasure trove of 235 one-of-a-kind photographs and drawings of the M109 SPG in IDF service. This book, with its 84 pages, includes many mini chapters describing different sub versions in each chapter.

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October 2014
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